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Designer Evaluation is the leading company in designing industry, providing a variety of design services such as Website Design, Web Development, UI/UX, Logo, Brochure, Flyer, Stationery Design and Printing Services.

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Designer Evaluation is just one of thousands of companies offering their services to businesses or organizations new to the internet or looking for a different design approach to their online and offline presence. And then there are other companies that do only custom software development concepts. Visitor's to e-commerce site's never see their handiwork, but it is there in the form of either custom business application development for internal use or custom web application development. Marketplaces with higher-than-usual security and privacy concerns such as finance, medicine, and retail often have the need for a software developer to create apps for specific granular problems that are unique to that business. Some software developer companies remain strictly as the creative minds behind computer programs. Some develop the applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or another device. Others develop the underlying systems that run the devices or that control networks. However in today's highly competitive climate many progressive software development companies will have divisions that just develop software or customized applications and then have other departments that work with graphic design for websites, logo, brochure, flyer, stationery design and printing services such as those offered  by Designer Evaluation.


When you talk about excellent Logo Design, Web Design, Stationery Design, Brochures Design and Search Engine Optimization accomplished with imagination and expediency then Designer Evaluation is the only right place for it. Designer Evaluation, an expert designing company, has come up with many new and modern concepts, and has ability to enhance your business popularity and contributes for your future business benefits. Our team of designers and specialists has all the skills and familiarities, which are necessary to put together a matchless web scheme that is efficient in increasing traffic or retaining visitors. We are always ready to strive and provide you with quality work, which is done by our skilled and professional designer teams at relatively very cheap prices.


How It Works

We have simplified the process of placing an order with Designer Evaluation in five simple steps to follow:

The Process in a Glance:

Choose a Package:

The first step of this process is to choose a package that suits you the most from our many.

Fill out the Questionnaire:

The second step is to give the detail description of your business vision and design you expect of us through filling out the questionnaire form.

View the Initial Logo Concepts:

The third step is a follow-up of your questionnaire form you fill. You view the original design that is created by our adept workforce within 1-3 business days. Here you can ask for revision as well.

View the first Revised Logo Concept:

The fourth step is follow-up of step three. You view the revised logo concept as per your preference within 2 business days.

Finalize the Logo Design:

When you get your desired logo design with the revised logo option you finalize your logo. We will provide you the final logo design's file formats.

The Process in Detail:

Review the all logo design packages we offer and choose the package that suits you the best. We offer 6 different packages that differ depending on the number of designers from our group of professional designers, and the amount of concepts and revisions that will be presented. You can connect with us either live on live chat support or inquire through filling out inquiry form for a detailed description on our packages or for consultation. Once you have chosen a logo design package.

Having completed your order (either online or via the phone) you will receive 2 confirmation emails (1 receipt, 1 confirmation email with ID and password and design process). Keep both of these mails save.

Once you select a package, we'll collect your contact, billing information and other necessary information. This will help our design consultants to monitor your progress and personally contact you if they perceive that you are having difficulty in the design process. Besides, you can contact us via phone call, internet chat, or email with any questions as regards your project.

Having confirmed your order, you will need to fill out questionnaire in a creative brief that helps us understand your business, its philosophy and your logo preferences plans in order to personalize the logo design and depict your company's image. Each field must be filled in carefully, this information is regarded to be worthwhile during working out logo design options.

For assistance you can make a call to us. One of our design representatives will assess your work and call you if he or she observes any issue. Once you sign up, you will always be able to use your e-mail address and password in the top right corner of the home page to log into your account. When you login, you'll be taken to project central, where we assist you track the status of all projects you are having at Designer Evaluation.

The creative brief, provided by you, has been considered and analyzed by our designers? team who are assigned on your project. Eventually come forward with different logo concepts based on description given by you within 3 business days. You get as many logo ideas and concepts as you order in your package. After reviewing the options you choose the final design send your comments and instructions for more work. Our designers further work on those instructions for preparing the final design.

Having received your final design with instructions and comments our workforces dedicate their hours and skills for coming forward with revised logo concepts. The revised logo concept is merely based on your feedback that you give us after viewing the initial logo option. You get as many amendments as you choose in package. You'll see revisions of the logo you preferred in 2 business days after you complete the revision brief.

After you finalize the logo for you, we format it for download so that you can start to use it immediately we will send you a CD containing all the final files. Our logo design. The Designer Evaluation releases the rights to you so that you can trademark your design. We also request the right to employ your logo design in our portfolio unless you report us otherwise.


Designer Evaluation – Expand Your Business Through True Logo Design Service:

  • Get high-impact professional logo in affordable rate
  • Save your time, money and get unique logo design with 100% satisfaction
  • Experienced logo design teams who create your logo in very short time
  • Get thousands of unique logo concepts for your corporate identity
  • Get Your Project Started by Paying $99 Only

Why Choose Us - Designer Evaluation

There are various reasons for choosing the Designer Evaluation and that makes it exceptional from other logo services in the market:

Supreme Logo Quality:

If you need a perfect and veteran logo design for your corporate need then the Designer Evaluation is the right place to get it done with lots of choice of packages. We do not just offer you the quality but the supreme quality you have ever wished for. Your each part of the project is performed with careful hand and deal with the appropriate ideas to please your aesthetic sense.

Distinctive Logo Design:

In the time of competition it is quite essential to keep a difference from others in order to gain the possible business profit. It would likely happen when you get recognized with your corporate logo in the market. The Designer Evaluation has formed the designing procedure in such way so as to deliver you the most inclusive and exclusive logo design. Our designers’ taskforce is assigned to work out fresh ideas only.

Expert Designers? Workforce:

The Designer Evaluation particularly employs experts, and has formulated a taskforce of the most genuinely innovative and superiorly adept designers so that they come with a master piece work in perspective of corporate sector and for a personal likeness as well. At The Designer Evaluation the designers work as a team putting all their ideas, skills and talent together and trying to give you the best possible result ever.

Fast, Efficient and convenient Process:

Designer Evaluation recognizes the importance of time, we therefore, make the logo design process fast, efficient and convenient so as to facilitate your needs. At Designer Evaluation we make it possible to present you your project within time frame without affecting the quality as it is our top most preference. Here the whole process is designed in the way to turn out to be the efficient and convenient method.

Affordable Price:

The Designer Evaluation offers incredibly affordable price for its all services. Apparently it looks impossible to get a quality work in such affordable price but the Designer Evaluation makes it feasible for you through its different packages of different rates. We have combined all the best service doable in lower rate so as to give you variety of rates.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

The Designer Evaluation gives the 100% satisfaction guarantee for its all services. We have entered into the market as inspiration for others. Our design services not just meet topmost market standard but giving you fast, efficient service in affordable price, which is truly a complimentary for us. This is surely not it our designers are there to serve you as long as you get satisfied with the concept.

24 Hours Availability:

With all above mentioned facilities the Designer Evaluation is peculiarly available for customer support for 24 hours. If you are in need to converse with our representative for consultation or guidance on the subject of our packages and services, our representative would be there to provide you any assistance you need.